Tired of Losing Electricity...?
Imagine...Never worrying about it again! 
For much less than you think
(Actor portrayal of an actual review)

Don't Overspend on your Emergency Backup System....
You don't have to!
  •  A backup power system that is perfect for average homeowners
  •  It's simple to understand....easy to use and very inexpensive compared to the competition's products
  • Packages for all needs and budgets....starting at $699 and averaging around $1499...with the generator included!
  • ​Easy Payment options
  • ​Licensed and Insured
  • ​Neat and Dependable
  • ​And Much More
What People Are Saying!
"What a great service!   It's easy to operate and it was very inexpensive"
Steve & Deb D, Foxboro
"It's such a relief that we don't have to worry about losing power and it's simple to use" 
Steve and Deb C., Foxboro
"The install was neat and easy to understand....I've already referred them to my Mother" 
Jason R, Foxboro